About Kirwan Industries


Kirwan Industries is a Cincinnati-based metal fabrication shop, whose goal is to perfect the art of metalwork one job at a time. Ronan Kirwan, who started the business over 10 years ago, hails from Dublin, Ireland where he served as an apprentice for six years perfecting his skills and craftsmanship in copper smithing and welding.

We specialize in many aspects of metalwork from ornamental ironwork to structural steel work. Kirwan Industries has worked on a variety of jobs from the Tyler Davidson Fountain to the Great American Ballpark. Our work can be seen all over the tri-state area and even in other parts of the country.


Ronan Kirwan – Founder / Fabrication & Conservation Director

Ronan Kirwan has been involved in the field of metals since he was just a boy growing up in Dublin, Ireland. He always had an interest and ability in fabricating and fixing things. He began an apprenticeship program in his late teens at the Dublin Institute of Technology. He worked for six years perfecting his skills and craftsmanship in the fields of welding and coppersmithing, working on major projects around the country including an expansion of the Guinness Brewery in downtown Dublin.

After moving to America, Ronan decided to start his own business in the spring of 1995. Since then, Ronan has led Kirwan Industries in becoming a successful and thriving welding and fabrication shop. He has been involved in many projects around the Cincinnati City area including the Tyler Davidson Fountain Restoration and the Great American Ballpark. He has also done a lot of work around the country, most recently on our biggest restoration job to date, restoring the bronze doors at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC during the spring and summer of 2011.


Mick McCarthy – Fabrication / Conservation Specialist

Mick McCarthy hails from County Cork, Ireland. He has been an integral part of Kirwan Industries for almost 20 years. As a certified welder, he has been involved in almost every job that has been performed. He is an excellent fabricator and his problem solving skills are crucial to getting the jobs done.


Katie Kirwan – Project Manger / Billing & Estimates

Katie became involved in Kirwan Industries when she met Ronan in 2000. She was always helping around the shop and on site with various tasks such as cleaning and painting the finished metal jobs and sometimes just being a “gopher” during an installation. At this time, she was also getting her BA in Art specializing in ceramics from Xavier University and then her MA in Art Education from XU as well. After getting married to Ronan in the fall of 2002, it made sense for her to officially become more involved in the business. In May of 2004, Katie took over as office manager and to this day she handles all of the general management of the business. More recently, her role has expanded to include the job of an estimator for Kirwan Industries.

Katie brings an ability to communicate well with others as well as an artistic perspective to Kirwan. Her hope is to be working on site beside Ronan in a couple years when all of their 5 children are in school full time.