Kirwan Industries

Custom Metal Fabrication & Architectural Metal Conservation / Restoration

Kirwan Industries is a custom metal fabrication and architectural metal conservation shop located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kirwan Industries specializes in many aspects of metalwork, from ornamental ironwork to structural steel work. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Great American Ballpark, their projects can be seen all over North America.

“We focus on a precise balance between design aesthetics and sound engineering practices with each job we perform” – Ronan Kirwan

Our team of experts are always working on the cutting edge of the industry and are focused on delivering the high industry standards. Each job has its own set of challenges. That is why experience counts in this industry. Our ability to use our design skills in conjunction with precise engineering make our team of experts ideal for completing complicated jobs.

Ronan Kirwan founded this company after having underwent 6 years of apprenticeship in Dublin, Ireland. While there he perfected his skills and craftsmanship in coppersmithing and welding bringing real world craftsman ship to each job Kirwan Industries undertakes.

Conservation Services

At Kirwan Industries, we understand the challenges of conservation process. Each job is unique and require the consideration of location, material, condition and environment.  Our focus is to take all of these factors into account for each job we take on.  Our approach is to take the least aggressive conservation methods and implement that as effectively as possible while meeting the specific needs of that project.

We are committed to advancing the field of architectural conservation and preservation through research and education.

Fabrication Services

Kirwan Industries specializes in many aspect of metalwork and fabrication. Our range of experience is vast and ranges from ornamental ironwork to structural steel work. Our background focuses on real world craftsmanship.  We approach each job with the intent of finding the perfect balance between design and sound engineering and fabrication techniques.   We have perfected skills and craftsmanship in copper smiting and welding.

We are always looking for new and challenging projects to put our expertise to work.  You can contact our project management team by using our online form.  Our team will review your specific job requirements and get back to you with more questions and a rough estimate.

 Examples of Work